Protect Your Company’s
Business Reputation

Screen Your Customers Against
the World-Leading Watch Lists

Digital Q Customer Screening mitigates reputational risks
associated with doing business with individuals or entities contained
in global and national sanctions lists.

The solution is part of Digital Q.Risk&Compliance Platform

The solution automatically searches for matches and provides access to detailed information on individuals and organizations marked with a high-risk level in public and private watch lists. The solution smoothly integrates into any IT landscape without changing the company’s business processes and IT systems and supports sophisticated screening of customers and partners to ensure anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing, combatting corruption and protection of the business against economic sanctions.
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Guaranteed regulatory compliance

Full protection against reputational

Confidence in due diligence of your
customers and partners

What Does Diasoft Offer?

Automatic real-time screening of customers, counterparties and their
transactions* against global and national watch lists

Quick and accurate screening, taking no more than several milliseconds for each entity. Pre-screening of potential customers and counterparties

Comprehensive approach to screening due to support of an unlimited
number of custom black and white lists, with the ability to use lists that are
already preset in the solution

Guaranteed protection of your business

Seamless integration into existing business processes without changes in
current solutions or operation procedures

* The solution is offered with open APIs that can be integrated into the Customer’s IT landscape and fully automate
the process of customer and partner screening both against public watch lists and the Customer’s internal watch lists.
Without integration, the solution can be used to screen watch lists in the manual mode.


Digital Q Customer Screening Features

Download of various global and national watch lists

Support of the Customer’s internal black lists

Sophisticated search algorithms

Flexible setup of matching rules for each list

Easy integration with front-office applications due to the use of open APIs

Significant reduction of effort for identification of suspicious persons

Creation of a single information environment combining deferent watch lists

Modern user-friendly interface

Instant email notification of a responsible person in case of a match and
simultaneous creation of a task on the identified match

Maintaining the history of screenings; auditing user activities for verification of
matches (identification of true and false positive matches and marking them with respective flags)

Ability to integrate the solution into any IT landscape

Advanced Search Algorithms

Transliteration with the capability to set up custom transliteration rules

The algorithm is used to convert characters from one writing system to another and allows screening watch lists in different languages

Match rate

This tool allows managing the search process by the match percentage

Fuzzy matching algorithm

With this advanced algorithm, the search results include not only records that exactly match the input name, but also records with a similar spelling. This allows finding matches for misspelled or incomplete words

Support of robust and granular taxonomy

With this approach, the search engine allows flexibly selecting search criteria to minimize false positives
Effective Screening
Digital Q Customer Screening ensures effective search and
identification of the following entities
  • Public companies
  • Current and former PEPs
  • Relatives and close partners of screened individuals and entities
  • Persons officially linked to, or convicted of high-profile crime
  • Individuals and entities under sanctions
  • Persons suspected of being involved in extremist or terrorist activities / proliferation of weapons of mass destruction
Product Features
Usage Options

Trial mode

In this mode, you can test functions of the solution without its integration into your IT landscape. In this case, the solution will allow only manual screening of your customers and partners against various watch lists

Automatic screening

The solution is seamlessly integrated into your IT landscape with the help of open APIs that are delivered together with the solution. The integration will not require any changes in your IT systems or business processes. In this mode, you will be able to screen your customers and partners automatically
How to Start?


Download Digital Q Customer Screening and request the trial license


Import watch lists and select the operating mode: trial manual screening or fully automated screening with integration into the company’s IT landscape


Configure APIs and rules




Download Digital Q Customer Screening and request the trial license
Import watch lists and select the operating mode: trial manual screening or fully automated screening with integration into the company’s IT landscape
Configure APIs and rules TRIAL VERSION
Ensuring Compliance
Digital Q Customer Screening is a structured risk screening solution used by
global financial institutions for more effective compliance with
Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing regulation.

Supported Lists

  • OFAC’s Sanctions Lists
  • EU Consolidated List of Sanctions
  • United Nations Security Council Consolidated List
  • Dow Jones Watch List
  • Other national, international and custom watch lists
Digital Q.Risk&Compliance Platform
  • Digital Q Customer Screening is part of the broader Digital Q.Risk&Compliance platform

  • Digital Q.Risk&Compliance ensures compliance of businesses with international regulations, supports effective customer and partner due diligence processes and protects our Customers’ business reputation

  • The platform comprises a fully-fledged AML/CTF solution, limit and risk management solutions, currency control and solutions for effective screening of customers and counterparties against national and international watch lists. Platform features:

  • Identification of the risk level, risk scoring
  • Limit management
  • Centralized processing of all risk management and compliance tasks
  • Real-time and post-processing control
  • Support of decision-making processes
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