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Personal Online Banking

Supported Functions

History of transactions
Statements and receipts
SMS, push and email alerts
Mass mailing
Personal offerings
Bill payments (service providers, fines, penalties, etc.)
Card transactions
Product origination (cards, accounts, deposit accounts, loans)
Loan repayments, statements, payment schedules
Currency purchase / sale
Intrabank transfers
P2P transfers
Payments to state authorities
Payroll transactions

Business & Corporate Online Banking

History of transactions
Statements and receipts
Letters of credit
Corporate cards
Currency conversion / purchase / sale
Money transfers in foreign currencies
Currency control
Messages signed by the e-signature
OTPs (token, SMS)
SMS and email alerts
Revoking orders
Claims and inquiries
Two-factor authentication
Integration with certification authorities
Support of the advanced electronic signature
Customer administration
External services
While/black lists of customers and partners
Anti-fraud solutions
File exchange and uploads

Agent Banking

Supported Functions

 Remote workstations of bank / sale agents, underwriters and partner managers
 Creation and management of leads
 Customer onboarding and product origination (deposit accounts, loan applications, applications for financial products)
 Remote access to the customer history
 Access to bank product details, product calculators and matrices of product offerings for customer consultations
 Online KYC checks
 Collection of electronic documents with a web camera
 Agent management: Management and online monitoring of tasks assigned to agents by their supervisor
 Sales plans: Creation and tracking execution of sales plans of mobile agents, real-time monitoring of sales KPIs
 Partner management: workstation of a partner manager, access to information on the partner network, management of partner activities

Customer Origination

Supported Functions

 Customer onboarding
 Self-service product origination (personal and business accounts, loan origination, deposits, factoring, etc.)
 Seamless access to your services and products from partner ecosystems and marketplaces
 Product information and consultancy on product choice
 Product calculators
 Tracking the status of submitted applications
 Access to the knowledge base
 External authentication

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Digital Q

Online Banking

Open the Door to a New Way of Banking

Provide your individual and business customers with a convenient and reliable digital channel to support all their financial needs. Dramatically improve your customer experience and increase your customer reach with a truly omnichannel technology. Embrace new customer engagement points and offer your customers a new approach to management of their financial transactions, products and services via personalized interfaces. Provide your partners with a reliable channel for exceptional customer services.



Personal Online Banking

Build personal relationships and create liaisons with your individual customers leveraging personalized online solutions with wide functional capabilities. Allow your customers manage their finances, accounts and transactions online and provide them with better flexibility in their financial decisions with the convenient digital tools.

Business & Corporate Online Banking

Effectively support SMEs and corporations with customized online solutions based on the modern omnichannel Digital Q Platform that was originally designed to create complex business models, scenarios and workflows. Provide businesses with a convenient access to their accounts and financial information and allow them to make business online, without having to visit the bank.

Agent Banking

Get closer to your customers through a wide network of mobile agents and partners. Provide your individual and business customers with your financial support wherever they are: at a car dealer, an industrial expo, a partner retailer or in a remote part of the country.

Customer Origination

Provide individuals and businesses with convenient product origination and customer onboarding facilities. Implement an easy and convenient process for the first sale of products and services to your new customers directly from your web portal, without the need for them to visit your branch/office. Quickly launch new products and services that may be unavailable in traditional channels.



Individual Design
of Digital Channels

Build custom digital channels based on ready-to-use services and tools for retail and corporate business segments.


Design simple and complex processes for individual teams or users.

Custom Screen

Create modern user-friendly forms to automate business processes and leave behind complicated paperwork.

Localization and Multi-
Language Enablement

Manage the content in multiple languages.

Data Checks and

Enable online screening of parties by tax ID or other identifiers. Maintain the history of transactions and the custom reference lists of customers and partners to ensure secure transactions.


Manage user access to the content depending on the individual user role.



Leverage modern approaches to design a convenient user interface and boost your customer experience.

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