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Digital Q

Front Office

Revolutionize Your Branch Banking in the Age of Digital Customers

Evolve your branch delivery system to make your branch-specific products and services convenient, relevant and valuable for your customers. Enhance your advice-based services, expand your product personalization capabilities and speed up operations. Create identical customer experience in branch and digital channels. Make your branch open and customer-centric and delight your walk-in customers with quick and easy access to products and transactions.



Enchance All Your

Branch Functions

New Sales

Provide your customer service managers with modern tools for quick customer onboarding and easy sale of complex products and services. Get the best value from each customer contact with the 360-degree customer view. Streamline your sales process with sophisticated sales planning.

Teller Services

Delight your customers with queue-less banking. Leverage the digital technology to ensure instant customer identification and access to transactions Speed up your services and transactions with streamlined business processes and the single-screen technology.

Branch & Inventory Management

Make your branch profitable with advanced inventory and branch management tools . Ensure effective support of your branch opening and end-of-day processes. Improve your branch performance with intelligent cash and denominations management.

Leverage Advantages of

Digital Technology


Delight your customers leveraging on versatile capabilities of our ready-to-use software solutions for ubiquitous support of your daily front-office interactions with individual and corporate customers.


Be free developing your IT landscape with independent replaceable ready-to-use functional components and advanced integration tools that fit into any architectural and solution environment.

Modern Stack
of Technologies

Build a future-proof technologically advanced and customizable infrastructure for faster and streamlined customer services with our flexible lightweight digital front-end solution.


Ensure ubiquitous customer servicing, streamline operations, and explore new cross-sell opportunities with our comprehensive customer management capabilities.

Flexible Products
and Services

Manage your customer groups and increase your customer loyalty with special offers and personalized products and services that can be easily configures without coding.

Boost Your

Product Offerings

Enchance Your Services

With Digital Features
Comprehensive KYC

Streamlined Customer

Customer-Service Interface

Full-Text and Fuzzy Customer

Paperless Operations

360 Degree Customer

Walk-In Customers

Sales KPIs

OCR, Fingerprint Scanning,

Optimized for Low Bandwidth

Facial Recognition

Business Monitoring and



New Sales

Supported Products

  • Transactional accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • Joint accounts
  • Minor’s accounts
  • Escrow accounts
  • ATM cards
  • Cheques
  • Passbooks
  • Intrabank and external money transfers with currency conversion
  • Cash add-ons and withdrawals
  • Statements
  • Savings accounts
  • Time deposits
  • Joint time deposits and savings accounts
  • Minor’s time deposits and savings accounts
  • Advices for deposit placement
  • Passbooks
  • Partial withdrawals
  • Early termination
  • Add-ons by third parties
  • Deposit calculator
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • Instant issue cards
  • Virtual cards
  • Choice of card
  • Card blocking / unblocking
  • PIN code management
  • Activation of the SMS notification service
  • Statements
  • Loan origination
  • Loan information services, statements, payment schedules
  • Changes in contract details
  • Different repayment strategies (early repayment with recalculation of the monthly payment or the loan term, overdue payments, balloon payment)
  • Changes of the payment date
  • Loan refinancing and restructuring
  • Binding repayment cards/accounts to a loan
  • Management of collateral papers
  • Design of packages of bundled products and services
  • Setup of complex products with several bundled simple products related to different LOBs
  • Ability to include a simple product into different packages
  • Ability to set up different rates for packages and simple products
  • Individual offerings
  • Cross-sell and up-sell offers

Streamlined Sales Processes

  • Choice of products: by term, amount, additional conditions (support of add-ons, interest compounding, partial withdrawals, permanent balance, etc.)
  • Calculation of the potential profit
  • Printout / emailing of selected products
  • Initiation of a contract on the selected terms and conditions directly from the calculator
  • Sale, cross-sale and up-sale of products and services
  • Special offers, personalized offerings, bundled services, complex products, service packages
  • Flexible rates and fees
  • Product calculators
  • Complex sales plans and KPIs
  • Effective monitoring of selling and cross-selling of various bank products and services
  • Analysis of popular products and transactions
  • Customer identification and onboarding by identity documents and with the help of the facial recognition technology
  • Single-screen access to customer details
  • Unified CIF and customer history
  • Fast customer identification and application processing with the help of supporting peripheral devices: ID scanners, web-cameras, document capture and recognition facilities
Teller Services
  • Automated checks to reduce operational risks
  • 4-eyes checks
  • Single-screen user interface with each operation available as a separate widget
  • By card
  • By personal data
  • With the use of electronic data capture (EDC) devices
  • With the help of the facial recognition technology
  • Bank customers
  • Walk-in customers
  • Cheque transactions: account pay-ins with a cheque, intrabank and interbank transfers
  • Cash transactions: pay-ins to own accounts and third-party accounts, cash withdrawals, cash withdrawals from third-party accounts by cheque
  • Internal and external money transfers (cash or electronic)
  • Blocking / unblocking of accounts and services
Branch and Inventory Management
  • Branch opening/closing
  • Reconciliation with the core banking system
  • Management of user workstations: Linking tellers to tills, assignment of tellers, teller replacement
  • Monitoring tills and user statuses
  • Management of cash and values positions
  • Monitoring of vault and till balances (including monitoring of available nominal values)
  • Monitoring of active users
  • Reconciliation of teller balances between the FES and the core banking system
  • In-house and outsourced vaults
  • Cash ordering / return
  • Cash Balance Monitor – Dashboards for monitoring of cash funds in a branch and across all branches belonging to the same Cash Processing Center
  • Tracking cash movements with monitoring of movements of different nominal values (banknotes and coins)
  • Management of cash transportation companies
  • Calculation of average daily withdrawal amounts for cash orders / collection
  • Setup and management of limits assigned to specific positions / till balances / branch cash balance / cash transactions (withdrawals, pay-ins, money transfers)
  • Authorization of limit changes
  • Mass registration of received inventory items (cheques, cards, passbooks, etc.)
  • Keeping record of movements of inventory items (shipping, management of damaged items, etc.)
  • Various delivery options (transport company / courier / employee)
  • Inventory Monitor (dashboard)
  • Ordering new inventory items

Easily Modify

Your Products and Services

Visual Process

Modify your business processes without having to involve the vendor, which significantly reduces the time between appearance of a new business requirement and its support in the system.


Let customers to compare selected loan and deposit products and make well-weighted decisions. Easily change calculator settings with changes in your product and service strategies and quickly launch special offers.


Increase your sales with personalize your product offerings and services specially designed for different customer groups. Quickly adjust your packaged to new requirements.

Code-less Product

Customize and develop your products and services without hard-coding using our digital product catalogue.

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